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Plasma Water Supplement Booster - 921

Plasma Water Supplement Booster - 921

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Cold Plasma Water Supplement Booster | Liquid Ionic Mineral Additive | Oxygen Booster | 2 mL per Serving 


Are you looking for a clean, natural, and effective way to enhance your energy, endurance, and overall performance? Look no further! Plasma Water is the groundbreaking additive for your liquid ionic minerals that takes your health and fitness to the next level.

Add Plasma Water Concentrate to your existing liquid ionic mineral drink to help increase oxygen saturation for better nutrient transportation and absorption.

Our Plasma Water formula is the ONLY pure Nitric Oxide product derived from bioactive nitrogen and oxygen species, ensuring you receive the highest quality and most potent performance booster available.

Key Features of Plasma Water Concentrate:

The ONLY Pure Nitric Oxide Product from Bioactive Nitrogen and Oxygen Species: Plasma Water delivers unparalleled performance by using a unique combination of nitrogen and oxygen species. This ensures that you receive the maximum benefits of Nitric Oxide in its purest form.

Clean Energy - NO CAFFEINE, NO JITTERS: Unlike many performance-enhancing products on the market, Plasma Water provides you with clean, natural energy without the side effects of caffeine. Say goodbye to those annoying jitters and hello to a steady, consistent energy boost.

Above ANY product currently on the market for Endurance and Energy: Plasma Water stands head and shoulders above the competition, offering you unparalleled endurance and energy support. Our cutting-edge formula is designed to help you push your limits and achieve peak performance.

Plasma-Activated Water (PAW) - Professional Grade: Plasma Water utilizes Plasma-Activated Water, a groundbreaking technology that enhances the bioavailability and efficacy of our formula. PAW ensures that you receive professional-grade results, making Plasma Water the preferred choice for elite athletes, fitness, and health-conscious enthusiasts alike.

Easy to use - Ultra Concentrate: Plasma Water is incredibly easy to use. Simply add the ultra-concentrate to your beverage of choice and experience the powerful benefits of increased oxygen saturation, which helps improve nutrient transportation and absorption in the body.

Unlock the full potential of your liquid ionic minerals by supercharging them with Plasma Water Concentrate. Experience the game-changing power of increased oxygen saturation and give your body the boost it needs to perform at its best.

Don't settle for less. Elevate your performance with Plasma Water Concentrate today!


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